Ask Jackie: What Else Can I Drink Instead of Water?

You may be bored with basic H2O, but you can still hydrate.

Q: I know I need to stay hydrated, but I get bored sipping plain water all day. What else could I drink?

A: Enjoy a cup or two of unsweetened coffee (yes, coffee counts!) or tea in the morning, then sip fruit-infused sparkling water all afternoon and evening. You can add fresh or frozen fruit to seltzer, or buy the bottled version (my fave: Hint Fizz Water in cherry, $18 for 12 bottles).

Finally, eat more fruits and veggies. Strawberries, spinach, peppers, and melon can deliver up to a half-cup of H2O per serving. The amount of fluid you need depends on your weight, the outside temperature, how much you exercise, and the state of your health. But as a general rule, most of us need a minimum of eight cups daily, and those who work out vigorously or sweat a lot should drink even more.

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