Caroline is a Nutrition Expert and work with clients to achieve their weight loss goals and be healthy again through diet and exercise. Stop emotional eating. Caroline studied Nutrition and health at NYU. She is also a professional Life Coach.
   She is a weight loss and nutrition expert, life coaching and therapist. She will work with you to develop a meal plan. Your body needs to be nourished with healthy food. She can teach you how to lose weight and still feel satisfied physically and emotionally. Junk food is not your friend. People too easily use eating as a comfort in times of pain, as a reward to celebrate good times and as a friend who is always there for them. If you want to lose weight for good and stop yoyo dieting let’s talk about what’s making you eat and how you can put the pounds behind you once and for all. She will speak to you about your goals and health problems and what is holding you back. Do more activity and you will lose weight and raise your metabolism. Eating too many Fritos or Chocolate? We need to talk about why you are doing that and change your habits. – women get pleasure from eating chocolate as it releases chemicals that feel like love. Can you really get love from a chocolate bar though? Of course not. 10 minutes later you regret eating it and stare at the empty wrapper in your trash can. She is  easy to talk to and often use humor to put people at ease. She is focus on achieving a better life. She work with eating disorders, obsessive eating and life coaching. She will help  you change your life. She is also a writer and have written two books.
   Caroline is  a Spiritual Intuitive who has been trained in over a 100 dietary theories. She help people like you learn to understand food and nutrition and how it affects your body. She  also help people balance other areas of their life like spirituality, physical, emotional, relationships and career. Let me show you how all these areas affect each other and most important how to get them in balance so you can achieve and gain success in your life.
   She have worked as a nutrition counselor and helped many people overcome obsessive eating, lose weight, overcome obesity and become healthy again. She studied life coaching and nutrition and work with women and men to change their eating habits and become more active and fit. She will create a meal plan that is nutritious and right for you. She is also talk through the issues that are stopping you from reaching your weight loss goals.
   It is my honor to help you learn the skills you need to take control of your health and wellness. I will guide you into the understanding you need to be healthy and happy.