13 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Lose Weight

13 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Lose Weight
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So, losing weight is your nightmare. Right? Well, you are not alone. This is something that has been bothering millions of people across the globe. The truth is that when the wrong approach is used, losing weight could remain as a nightmare to most. Majority of people tend to cling to easy and ineffective ways of losing weight. Not knowing that there are simple and effective ways of achieving weight loss.

It all starts with your perception towards weight loss. If you must hit a given goal, then your focus is highly needed.

Here are 15 simple yet implementable and effective ways of losing weight:

1. Take The Stairs

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    No doubt that most people opt to take the lift instead of stairs. From a logical point of view, taking the stairs is rather hectic and tiring as compared to lifts. However, from a health point of view, the vice versa applies.

It is easier to maintain good health by taking the stairs than when taking the lift. Note that the staircase compels you to exercise but ins a friendly way. You will easily lose pound through such exercise than when idling around in a lift.

2. Weight Loss Through Yoga

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Weight Loss Through Yoga

    What most people o not know is that yoga combines both mental and physical fitness. This means that there is the chance of doubling your weight loss results upon adopting yoga as your weight loss strategy.

Psychologists have confirmed that the mentality of the person in question is key in prompting positive results in regards to weight loss. With ample focus, it becomes easy to hit the stipulated goals. It is recommended that you engage in regular sessions of yoga every day for results to yield. If possible, seek the help of a personal trainer since that will increase the chances of better results.

3. Sleep Well

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Sleep Well

    Yes! Indeed sleep is one of the confirmed recipes of healthy weight loss. As simple as going to bed and sleeping for at least 8 hours every day will guarantee you weight loss. It is necessary to note that body metabolism takes place properly in resting mode. This is when calories are burned more. In this regard, you should consider sleeping well every day. This will prompt gradual weight loss.

4. Take Small Portions of Meals

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Take Small Portions of Meals

    It is a norm to many to take their meals all at once. This is not right from a health perspective. Instead of taking your large plate of dinner or lunch all at once, it would be a better idea to take the same meal in small portions. This is a strategy used in narrowing down the amount of food you take daily.

With small portions, appetite is reduced remarkably. As a result, no calories are added in the body. Aside from that, small portions of meals enhance metabolism through controlled diffusion and digestion of meals. This eventually prompts gradual weight loss. Instead of avoiding meals intentionally, it would be better to take meals in small portions.

5. Chew Longer

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    It is simple to chew food. Right? The question is…how fast do you chew your food? Did you know that fast chewing sends signals to the brain that your stomach is not full yet? Yes. This means that when you chew fast, there are chances of consuming more food than usual.

Lowering your chewing speed on the other hand sends communication to the brain that your stomach is full. Consequently, appetite is lowered. This directly affects your weight by prompting reduction. Moreover, chewing longer ensures that the digestion process is made easy since the stomach will receive fine food particles.

6. Replace Your Regular Food With Fruits

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Replace Your Regular Food With Fruits

Fruits are sweet, right? Aside from the sweetness aspect of fruits, there is element of weight management in connection to fruits. Research indicates that fruits are easy to digest yet with the capacity to mitigate appetite.

This means that the rate of metabolism will be affected positively upon adopting the tendency of taking fruits regularly. Additionally, you will not develop the habit of eating a lot since fruits fill the stomach fast. If you must take usual meals, the let fruits be your first priority.

7. Do Not Overcook Your Meals

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Do Not Overcook Your Meals

    Most people have the perception that meals taste better when overcooked. In as much as food tastes better in such state, there is the need to account for important nutrients. Note that food is not taken just to fill the stomach but also to instigate positive health benefits. In this regard, the aspect of nutrients must come in handy when cooking.

If you are preparing vegetables, steaming is enough. Fish can be baked instead of grilling. In other words, you should opt for the easiest way to cook your meals within the shortest time possible.

8. Consume A Lot of Water

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Consume A Lot of Water

    There is great potential in water as far as weight loss is concerned. The first role played by water is detoxification. It should be noted that weight gain could be as a result of toxic elements existing in the bloodstream. Secondly, water plays the role of appetite mitigation. You are more likely to take less food if you have the habit of drinking water regularly. All these roles root down to a common result- weight loss. It is recommended that you take at least 8 liters of water on daily basis. This will increase the chances of losing weight.

9. Balanced Diet

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Balanced Diet

It is fortunate that researchers have come up with a balanced diet plan for any person. Instead of taking anything that comes your way, it would be best to adopt the habit of taking a balanced diet. When setting this plan, researchers put weight into account. A balanced diet keeps your weight under close watch hence limiting your chances of turning obese over time.

As you observe a balanced diet, you also need to have a defined order of taking food. It is advised that you start your day with breakfast, followed by lunch, then a snack, and finally dinner.  All these should feature all the components of a balanced diet.

10. Get Sporty

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    It is fun engaging in sports. It does not matter which type of sport you engage in. All sports are exercises in nature. It would be a great idea if you went out and had fun with your friends while playing your favorite sport. Actually, the process of weight loss turns into fun when achieved through sports. Most people do not even realize that they have lost weight when sporting. A frequency of sports on daily basis will be of great help to you.

11. Avoid Eating Just For The Sake Of It

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Avoid Eating Just For The Sake Of It

    Human body is programmed to send signals of hunger only when necessary. However, some people tend to impose a different program in their minds and end up eating any time they have access to food. This could cost you a lot. Abide by a defined plan of eating and only take food when the body demands so.

It is just a matter of developing a habit of taking meals at given intervals and not taking advantage of availability of food. You should also consider keeping junk food away from your reach.

12. Take Herbal Tea After Meals

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Take Herbal Tea After Meals

    The idea behind the consumption of herbal tea is to enhance digestion. Scientist argue that the composition of herbal tea is directly connected to the food absorption process in the body. It also helps in improving the rate of metabolism. All these work in favor of weight loss process.

Once you are done taking that heavy mean (if you must), take a cup of green herbal tea right away. This will ensure that the large food particles are digested as fast as possible. Herbal tea also helps in reducing fat deposits along the colon.

13. Take Your Pet For A walk

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Take Your Pet For A walk

    You love your pet. Dong you? Why don’t you start taking your dog for a walk every day? You can consider covering at least 2 kilometers with your dog on daily basis. The idea is not walking your dog. It is taking advantage of the situation and shedding some pounds in the process. The amount of calories that you can burn with such a simple walk is way above your imaginations. It does not demand a lot. In fact, it is just a walk with your dog.


 Who said losing weight is a hustle? Now you know how simple the process can be. It takes simple commitment coupled with simple efforts to ensure that your weight is brought down remarkably. You do not necessarily have to hit the gym or lift weights daily just to shed those pounds. It is a matter of taking simple yet very effective measures in losing weight. The process should make you feel fun rather than giving you a hectic challenge. Look beyond your goal and use simple measures to hit your stipulated level. Losing weight is that simple.

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