10 Weight Loss Secrets No One Told You

10 Weight Loss Secrets No One Told You
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It is obvious that weight loss entails shedding pounds. What most people fail to acknowledge is the process followed to ensure effective and harmless weight loss process. It takes a lot of efforts and commitment to ensure that you reduce your weight remarkably.  There are things that you should know as far as weight loss is concerned. Weight loss demands not only light information but also deeper strategies if impeccable results must be achieved.

Here are 10 things that you might not have been told in regards to weight loss:

1.Technological Approaches Tend To Impose Harm

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Technological Approaches Tend To Impose Harm

 The truth is that most obese people today tend to seek technological approaches in losing pounds. Apparently, such approaches and strategies tend to instigate fast results. What they do not know is that technology and weight loss tend to be incompatible in a number of aspects.

It should be understood that human body is not programmed to be exposed to unfavorable conditions. Processes such as liposuction expose the body to different health threats. There are people who have even lost their lives as a result of liposuction. This is an indicator that you stand chances of instigating adverse health conditions as a result of exposing your body to technological strategies of weight loss.

2. More Spices, More Weight Loss

Kết quả hình ảnh cho More Spices, More Weight Loss

 There is one notable thing about the Thai food. The norm by the natives of Thailand is to spice up food as much as they can.  It is for this reason that the Thai food is ranked among the spiciest in the world. The reason behind this is in connection with weight management. It should be understood that spicy food is not necessarily junk. This has been the notion among most people.

Research indicates that highly spiced diet directly impact the metabolism rate. When you consume food with a lot of pepper, your body metabolism will be elevated remarkably. This means that you will eventually lose weight. Moreover, spices have the capacity to burn fats in the body due to the acidic nature. This again is an indicator that weight loss can come as a result of taking spicy food.

3. Sleep Is Good For Weight Loss and Management

 Kết quả hình ảnh cho 3. Sleep Is Good For Weight Loss and Management

 What most people would term as laziness could be exactly what you need to shed those pounds. Sleep has been mentioned as one of the effective instigators of weight loss. It is therefore healthy to take a considerably long nap every day. Scientists have confirmed that metabolism is highly active when the body is at rest mode. It becomes much easier for the body to burn calories when asleep.

A nap of at least 8 hours every day would be good for your weight management endeavors. However, this does not mean that you should only consider sleep as the only strategy for weight loss. Sleep should be coupled with other strategies in order to achieve even better results.

4. Stress Will Gear Up Your Body Size

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Stress Will Gear Up Your Body Size

 Ironically, most people consider stress as one of the things that can make one weak and slender. Well, the contrary is the case. Studies indicate that when the body is subjected to stress, the mental aspect required in weight management is affected. Note that there has to be close communication between hormones and the brain for weight loss to come as a result.

Stress directly tampers with the metabolism mechanism. With slow metabolism, the body is likely to take long before shedding a considerable number of pounds. Weigh increase rate tends to be surpassed by the fat burning rate. This implies that the end result will weight gain.

5. Fasting is Effective But Too Much

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Fasting be back soon

It is true that you do not have to strain too much to lose weight. Some people go to the extreme of fasting for days just to ensure that they shed a considerable number of pounds. While this may be too extreme, some results may show eventually. However, it can be hurting to your body. If you must fast, then let it be for just a few hours and not days.

What happens when you fast for long is that unhealthy fat burning process takes place. There are other cases where metabolism is slowed hence affecting the long run weight management efforts. The bottom line is that you should consider fasting only for a short while.

6.Eat At Home More Than In Restaurants

Hình ảnh có liên quan

 In as much as you want to take your family out for dinner, it should not be so often. The U.S department of Agricultural Statistics argues that majority of fast foods in America receive an overwhelming number of customers every day. Unfortunately, fast foods tend to have more of junk food as opposed to healthy bites. What does this mean? The more you go out for restaurant food, the more you expose yourself to possible weight gain.

The advantage of taking home food is that you can control and regulate the amount of calories and unhealthy fats you consume. It is easy to manage your hunger and appetite from home than when in a restaurant. The psychological budgetary aspect of it may compel one to consume more food in restaurants than at home.

7. Skipping Your Breakfast Is Not The Solution To Weight Loss

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Skipping Your Breakfast Is Not The Solution To Weight Loss

 No! You do not have to skip your breakfast just to ensure that you have lost pounds. In fact, you should adopt the habit of taking your regular healthy breakfast every day. Skipping your breakfast does not mean that you stand low chances of gaining weight. In fact, the vice versa is the case.

It is important to set a clear pace for your body. Once you take your breakfast as usual, appetite mitigation comes as a result. The body tends to be programmed to accept lesser food in the larger part of the day when breakfast is taken. You are likely to feel less hungry when breakfast is taken. Otherwise, you might be compelled to take too much for lunch with the notion that you are compensating what you skipped during breakfast.

8. A Bike is Healthier Than A Car

Kết quả hình ảnh cho A Bike is Healthier Than A Car

 Did you know that you can spare the high budget that comes with gas and opt for a pedal bike to your workplace? Yes. This is not a question of how much you spend. It is obvious that you will be spared too much cost for just one day. However, the larger benefit lies in the health aspect.

One of the most effective ways of burning calories is through vigorous exercise. While this may be tiring, it can help you shed a high number of calories in just a short duration.

American studies indicate that people who ride bikes stand the chance of burning up to 550 calories in just one hour. One the other hand, people who drive to work literary do not engage in any form of exercise. This implies that they burn almost zero calories. No doubt that a bike is much healthier as compared to motorcars.

9. You Can Live On Water and Shed Weight

 Kết quả hình ảnh cho You Can Live On Water and Shed Weight

 If you did not know, water is ranked among the major agents of weight loss whose effectiveness cannot be disputed. Any person who has the tendency of taking water often stands chances of not growing obese as compare to those who take other drinks. Water has several roles directed to weight loss. It begins with elevation of metabolism rate. Water has the power to gear up the process of food absorption, digestion, and overall metabolism.

Besides that, water has the capacity to eliminate accumulation of toxins in the body. Arguably, toxins have a hand in many obesity cases in the world. The more toxin deposits the body has, the higher the chances of growing obese. Drinking water can bring this down remarkably.

10. Metabolism can be changed

Kết quả hình ảnh cho boost your metabolism

 Yes! While most people think that metabolism is a constant thing, the contrary is the case. It is possible to manipulate metabolism in the body and achieve the stipulated results. There is no doubt that metabolism is the main factor in weight loss. That is why it is recommended that you take care of your metabolism.

Through different activities and habits, metabolism can be changed. For instance, the habit of sleeping for several hours every day guarantees you major changes in metabolism. Consumption of a given type of foods may also enhance or slow metabolism. The frequency of food intake may also have implications on metabolism.

The bottom line is that you can change metabolism in your body to your favor. As long as you understand what is good for your body, then you can ensure that your body metabolism is on point.


There are so many hidden facts about weight loss. The most important of all is that you are in full control of your body size. It is not a question of what the body can do for you. Rather, it is a question of what you can do to the body to maintain good size.

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